DOSNOVENTA RUNS GIJÓN, fixed gear video

"We had a great time in Gijón…road trip, friends & race!

STAFF: Juan Guadalajara / Juanma Pozo / Danimelo / Uri Bordes / Javier Jimenez / Sergio Vadillo / Sergio Reina

TIGER TEAM: Larz Wolvh / Felix Fander / Jeremy Borden / Anna Enola / Jordi Sanfiz / Sami Moreno

THANKS TO: Lacoste Live / Hed / Smith optics / Rotor / Selle San Marco / Integrasport / Weoutdoor”

Dosnoventa Bikes

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Gira Gira Chariya, fixed gear shop Osaka

"Giracha / Track Supermarket. A small NJS fixed gear specialist shop in Minami-Horie, Osaka."

Gira Gira Chariya

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Encino Velodrome - Ride The Black Line Summer Series 2014, fixed gear video Los Angeles

"The 2014 edition of the "Ride The Black Line Summer Series". Coming back every other Wednesday night from June 25th to September 3rd. At Encino Velodrome."

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G-Shock Fixed Gear Open, fixed gear event Shanghai
23 August 2014. Shanghai, China

G-Shock Fixed Gear Open, fixed gear event Shanghai

23 August 2014. Shanghai, China

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Alex Gonzalez + BreakBrake17, fixed gear video San Francisco

"Alex Gonzalez‘s Welcome to BreakBrake17 was filmed over the course of two days in San Francisco. I followed him around the city as we ripped around China Town, cleaned up trash down alleyways in the Soma and bombed between the trolley tracks on California St. 07.26/27.2014"

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Red Hook Crit 7 Brooklyn 2014, fixed gear video New York

"The Red Hook Crit first hit the cobbles of Red Hook in 2008. With less than 20 competitors. Now with almost 300 racers fighting for position to qualify, RHC has grown immensely. Crowds in the thousands come to Red Hook Brooklyn to cheer on friends, family or just simply to spectate.

This year RHC has added a women’s field to the program to add to the mens race and the mens and women’s running race. With a full schedule in 2014, there was only one challenge in everyones way. The weather!

With 30 plus women in the starting line, everyone was excited for the first installment of the RHC women’s field. Ash Duban was selected by Trimble Racing as the favorite.She did not disappoint by qualifying first to meet that pressure. On the mens side it was Neil Bezdek who was picked the pre-race favorite to come back and win the race again. Watch as an exciting race filled evening unfolded in both crits.

Thanks to the support of I love NY more than you, Bikestock, Bicycle Film Festival and Trimble Racing.

The awesome crew who braved the weather all day.”

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DYLAN BUFFINGTON, fixed gear video San Francisco

"Dylan Buffington having fun on California Street, with a broken pedal."

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Dosnoventa Headquarters, fixed gear shop Barcelona

"Two years after creating the brand, Dosnoventa Headquarters is born, a unique place in the city of Barcelona, a meeting point for all the local and international cycling lovers.

This place works as an office, as a showroom and as a shop at the same time. During the morning, the Dosnoventa team works in the brand development, projects, new collaborations, and in the clients order management. But in the afternoon, Dosnoventa Headquarters opens its doors to the clients with an exhibition of the 9 frame models, the exclusive Dosnoventa clothing collection, and a careful selection of Lacoste Live clothing items, among many other things. Every day, Dosnoventa Headquarters welcomes visitors from all over the world; from Australia or the United States, to China, Japan or Brazil. 

Come and see us, you can see the bicycles up close, take a beer with us or play pool at our place. Dosnoventa Headquarters welcomes you all.”

Dosnoventa Bikes

More stuff on Dosnoventa fixed gear bikes here →

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MASH SF Transit, fixed gear shop San Francisco

"MASH is born from friends, hard riding, and a love of Bay Area streets, roads, and trails. Testing the limits of track machines on hills and in the human congestion. MASH has grown up around a core of young cyclists now ascending as multi-disciplinary athletes. Dirt in the winter, road in race season, and a fixed drive train every day.

The gateway now has a front door. We are here to provide an access point, a space to gather up friends, and a support system for all things bike. Keep coming back for more.”

MASH San Francisco

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Tokyo Hippies Mart, fixed gear shop Tokyo

"Vintage frames and collaboration frames, such as Keirin NJS parts and frame, NJS parts, and CHERUBIM. Apparel, artwork, everyday life around track bikes.

Please feel free to contact us so we also custom and maintenance of piste bike that has been purchased at other stores.

Although it is irregular, but we also snowboard events and tours group ride, such as a barbecue.

Details so you will be notified by BLOG, please join us. 

May not seem easy to go a little because there are stores in the warehouse of residential back but. Feel free to visit us.”

Tokyo Hippies Mart

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Wolfpack Hustle - The HP Gran Prix, fixed gear video

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Factory Five, fixed gear shop Shanghai

"Built by riders, for riders, we design beautiful bicycles to be proud of. We create custom track bikes using our own F550 , F5100 and Columbus F5Pista framesets. We also recondition Chinese Classics and work with unique bespoke builds. We ship internationally and offer free delivery to Mainland China.

We source special components and accessories from all over the world. You can be sure that everything we bring to you will have been skidded, worn, pedalled and weathered to near-destruction before we approve it. Only the best. If we wouldn’t rock it, you don’t need it. 

So browse the online store, come round to see us at our Jiangsu Lu workshop and if you’re ever in Shanghai, join us at the events we do on a regular basis including the huge Tuesday night ride.”

Factory Five

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Pedalea o Revienta, fixed gear video Barcelona Valencia

"One day you decide to take your bike, escape from the city and start riding as many kilometers as your body can resist. You may ride 30km, 200km… Each person has his or her own limits.

This idea came up to 10 mindless guys who decided to check where their limit was. They settled a goal: cycling from Barcelona to Valencia in just one day: 370Km in a fixed gear bike, which meant forcing the body to the limit, a non stop pedaling, pedaling or burst! 

On May the 25th , these guys took off from Barcelona at 4a.m with their fixed gear bikes heading to Valencia in one day.

They were followed by a van with two assistants, and they completed their trip arriving to Valencia the following day at 00:35am. Guys from “De Que Bikes” shop and other people were waiting for them. They gave them a nice welcome party and celebrated with them those 14 hours they spent on the top of their bikes.”

Pedalea o Revienta

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Hardbrakers - Budapest to Istanbul Movie Teaser, fixed gear video

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Dosnoventa Runs Dubai, fixed gear video Dubai

"Dosnoventa Dubai Trip December 11th to 16th 2013.

A short film about our last trip to DXB. Lots of thanks to Fishtail Rides team for hosting us, and to all the people that somehow made those days an unforgettable experience for Dosnoventa!”

More stuff on Dosnoventa fixed gear bikes here →

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