Catayan Streets and Hills, fixed gear video Manila

"CATAYAN crew riders run through the streets and kill hills around cities of Rizal."

Manila Fixed Gear

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Cycle Project Store, fixed gear shop Singapore

"Cycle Project refers to an undertaking that involves cycling related with concerted effort. With each bicycle treated as a project, they are handled with proper care and consideration to the demands of its user.

First conceived by three young fixed gear enthusiasts who shared a common goal ; to supply the local bicycle community with wider range of high performance parts. The trio values smooth and efficient transactions as well as customer care which is the core of their business motto behind Cycle Project Store.

We ride fixed and we stand by it for nothing gives us the taste of riding as that of a fixed gear. We pride ourselves with the products we offer through our partners abroad who have given us a chance to represent their brand. We select the products that we offer from the view of a cyclist and if it is an item we are unsatisfied with using it, we will not sell it.

We like to sell a customer what he needs and to his budget than what we have to sell. We believe that each customer should have a bicycle that is truly his or hers and thus, we tend to build each bike differently according to the user. Each build is different and it is our pride and joy to always satisfy a customer whenever they have that grin upon collecting their project.”

Cycle Project Store

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The Bend, fixed gear shop Alicante Spain

"Fixed gear. Bike polo. Urban cycling."

The Bend

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Le Velo Cycling Workshop, fixed gear shop Hong Kong

"We provide Fixed Gear parts, goods and repair services. Fixed Gear fans place."

Le Velo Cycling Workshop

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Holicycle, fixed gear shop Hong Kong

"Regarding “Ride with Class, Live with Style” as the main concept to sell bicycle related lifestyle products, green products, bicycles rental service and periodically organizing unique bicycle tours.

The name of HOLICycle was showing our enthusiasm from Fixieaholic to any bicycles. Our crew aimed to discover another impression of Hong Kong with all the friends around the world through HOLICycle with bicycle.

At the same time, HOLICycle will organize different cultural activities, like, Movie sharing, Mini music concert, Sharing seminar, Gallery etc. This allow the public to exchange, share and experience an extraordinary bicycle culture, living space at HOLICycle.

Stay tune, don’t miss the fun!”


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Trofeu Ciutat de Barcelona 2014, fixed gear video

Track Championship Barcelona Velodrome 2014

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Dodici Cicli, fixed gear bikes Milan

"Dodici cicli is a small brand born from passion to feed passion, we needed something that was not available and so we created it.

We needed transportation , we needed transportation designed for us and designed for our cities, we needed simple bicycles, with no need for maintenance , no noise in the graphic, plain colors, everything that is possible to clean out the bicycle we cleaned, we took away the gears, milano is a flatland, we took away the brakes, who need brakes when you can have fixed gears?

Yes, it takes some time and some suffering to start with it but we never seen anything beautiful that was too easy or came without any effort.

Back in 1910 people where riding bicycles like these.

We like things that are simple and things that least, so we started with steel and evolved with super modern ultimate stainless steel for cycling , we have a line of very minimal aluminum frames too, and we didn’t wanted fear anybody so there is a very funny two-wheeler with brakes but no gears.

We import anything we need for our kind of velocipedes, and we source anything we can from our home land, Italy.”

Dodici Cicli

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Leader bikes, fixed gear bikes San Diego

"Based in San Diego, California Leader Bikes was founded in 2000 with a passion for the track that grew into a love of the street. That’s why Leader offers a line of bikes suited for riders who love to bomb hills and weave through traffic on their daily grind as for cyclists who need to know their whip has what it takes to accelerate for a breakaway at the track. On the street or on the track, Leader Bikes are designed for the ride."

Leader Bikes

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Cycle me home, fixed gear video

"In the summer of 2011, a few film students and bike lovers decided to make a documentary movie. The original idea came from Levi, a Hungarian film student, who went to Madrid for 5 months to study, and after finishing school there, he decided to go back to Budapest on his fixie bike and asked the people of Europe to join him on his way. The journey started in July, at the European Cycle Messenger Championship, Madrid and ended at the gates of Sziget Festival, Budapest in August. Friends from film schools of Budapest, Madrid and London joined the trip to make a road-movie about the challenges and most of all the fun that Levi and the other riders had on the way to Budapest."

Cycle me home

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Diner, fixed gear shop Tokyo Japan

"Track bike specialized shop.

It is the so-called piste bike shop, which opened in Tokyo Nishi Azabu in July 2012. By bicycle fixed gear, no brakes, no gear, it is an image of expertise is strong and say piste, but it aims to “cool bike” making town riding in DINER. Brake of course before and after mounting, gear also offers free as well as fixed. Rather than the mass-produced which is sold by so-called manufacturer, I will make a special one of your own.


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Pelizzoli, fixed gear bikes Italy

"My name is Giovanni Pelizzoli, I was born in Curno on the 1942 and I began my adventure in the world of cycling at the age of 12; thanks to the passion passed on by my father who was a bicycle mechanic. At the age of 14 I competed in my first bike race, obtaining a good result, which encouraged me in continuing on for the next 3 years.

When I interrupted my racing career I became manager of the junior team and, at the same time, I helped my father fixing bikes. It was in that moment that my dream of building a bicycle from the frame up started growing.

My dream pushed me forward and I started working for an artisan from Bergamo where I learned how to weld and build a frame. Afterwards, once the skills were acquired, I could move on and work with other respected frame builders.

In 1969 I created the brand CIÖCC and built my first frames.


During the 70’s and 80’s also the polish national team, and some polish racing teams, competed on my bikes. Those collaborations lead to a second place at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, a second place at the Warsaw-Prague-Berlin and victories in many other amateur competitions. All the bicycles used were branded CIÖCC and signed Giovanni Pellizzoli. Signature that guaranteed the brand CIÖCC back then; and the brand PELLIZZOLI today.”


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Rodafixa Cycling Boutique, fixed gear shop Hong Kong

"Rodafixa, the first fixed gear bike shop opened in Asia since 2008, has brought to Hong Kong an authentic and uncompromising fixed gear culture. 

We love cycling so much that we each ride more than 6,000k a year on fixed gear and road bikes. We put ourselves into the shoes of discerning customers in finding and building up that one unique bike. We travelled half way around the world in visiting NAHBS in doing so. During our visits at NAHBS and other bike shows, we not only saw and touched the showcased bikes but also talked to the frame builders personally and get to know each of their philosophy in frame building and aesthetics. We learnt things that no other ordinary bike shops could have during these visits.

Rodafixa Cycling Boutique

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126 Fixed, fixed gear shop Granada

"We are a bike shop in the old town area of Granada city. Entirely devoted to urban bike and in particular to fixed gear bikes, reflecting our passion in each of the bikes that we built to our clients and friends. Feel free to stop by the store and say hello."

"Somos una tienda de Bicis en el casco antiguo de la ciudad de Granada. Dedicados por completo a la bici urbana y en particular a las Fixed, plasmando nuestra pasión en cada una de las bicis que preparamos a nuestros clientes y amigos. No dudéis en pasar por la tienda y saludarnos."

126 Fixed

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Really glad to announce FIXIEPLANET clubs on STRAVA, the great and worldwide community for athletes. Join in and share your fixed gear ride, beat your colleges, jump into new challenges, schedule your next group route. Push hard, pull harder.

From now on 4 brand new clubs alive in your city: Jakarta, Barcelona, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. As special launch prize, the first riders breaking the 50KM milestone in each city will receive FIXIPLANET tee with insignia of its city club!

Way easy to become part of the crew, just join your city club on STRAVA website: Jakarta ClubBarcelona Club, Bangkok Club, or Kuala Lumpur Club.

More challenges and prizes and cities to come soon!

Stay tunned at


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POLOANDBIKE, fixed gear bikes Gijón

"We had the courage and defied all odds, we truly believed in our project and did all what it took to create a new FIXED GEAR brand proposition for the Spanish and European market, aspiring for global growth. On 2009 POLOANDBIKE was born.

As cyclists, we got caught on the freshness, youthfulness and the urban lifestyle of the fixed gear scene. We ended up creating one of the first brands specialized exclusively in fixed gear bikes, together with a complete range of bike components that the market demanded.”


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